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Alright! I'm Craig and I make music under the name Crombie Point. I also teach Music Production from my home studio in Fife, Scotland.

First things first - what does my music sound like? Well that can vary a bit depending on what mood I'm in, but to give you a rough idea, if I had to pick my top 5 albums they would be (in no particular order)...

Jamie xx - In Colour

The Verve - Urban Hyms

Wu Lyf - Go Tell Fire To The Mountain

Bill Ryder Jones - Yawny Yawn

Foals - Antidotes

The year 2020 and most of this year in 2021 have been years to forget for most, but I feel I have managed to use this time to my advantage. I've learned so much more about music production, recording techniques and also turned my life around for the better in a massive way.

I have a load of new music ready to release from July onwards. Music that I am really proud of and can't wait to share.

The first single from the upcoming album will be 'Cry by The River Forth' which will be released on 9th July 2021. 

The album will follow towards the end of this year.

Here is a bit of my musical history and journey...

I grew up in the Britpop era and feel amazingly lucky to have done so, it was such a great time for music and is what first inspired me to pick up a guitar.

Songwriting sort of came naturally after I learned to string a few chords together. My brother and I would play around with our 4 track tape recorder and lay down demo tracks.

In 2004 I started a band called The Draymin with my brother and mates Gec, Gaz and Cal. We went on to release a load of music over the following decade. Playing at major festivals such as SXSW, T In The Park, Rockness, The Great Escape, Liverpool Soundcity and many more. Although we never quite got that label deal we craved, we done pretty much everything an unsigned band could do and more. Selling out venues up and down the country and amassing a loyal following along the way. All good things must come to an end but the memories made will live with us all forever.

As time went on I became more and more obsessed with everything music related - a total music gear head! Guitars/Amps/Synths/Recording Equipment/Software....

In 2019 I released my first solo album, titled 'A Pound For A Penny'. This was released during a pretty difficult period in my life - hence the total lack of promotion. Just putting the album out at all felt a bit of a struggle to be honest.

I was on a bit of journey through electronic music having grown a bit disillusioned with new guitar music. This led me down the path of experimenting with synths, samplers and drum machines.

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this story, the year 2020 really helped open my eyes to what I'm doing with my life.

I felt drawn to songwriting and the guitar again.

I treated myself to a new acoustic guitar and the songs began to flow pretty easily.

I had no real plan in place, I just wanted to write songs and enjoy the recording process. The experiences of recording my electronic sound in 2019 really helped add a dimension to these recordings, so it definitely wasn't time wasted. 

Now in mid 2021, I have more than a dozen tracks finished and ready to go. Ten of these tracks were produced and recorded by myself at my home studio. The other two were recorded with the help of Magnus Collie at Substation Studios in Rosyth.

Music making is a huge part of my life, but I think I enjoy the learning journey just as much.

Learning is something I do pretty much everyday of life. I have studied Music Production, Sound Engineering and Music Business at various colleges throughout Scotland in my spare time whilst keeping up the day job.


At the beginning of 2020 I applied to become an Ableton Certified Trainer.

The process is very intense - hence why Simon Stokes of Subsine Academy is the only Certified Trainer in the whole of Scotland. Around 500 -1000 applicants put themselves forward from all over the world and I'm proud to say I made it into the Top 10 where I was interviewed by some of the team in Berlin. Although I never quite made the grade it made me more determined to learn more and I will no doubt try again one day!

I currently teach music production from my home studio, anything from Ableton Live and other DAWs, songwriting and recording techniques. I have a wealth of experience that I love sharing. If I can help any aspiring musician on their journey then I will be a happy lad. Once I have released my album this year I plan to put a lot of time into putting together courses, mainly based around using Ableton Live and the way it can be used not only in electronic music, but for songwriters also.

I am excited for the future and have so many ideas that I'm sure will also excite others.