What's so good about Ableton Live...??

Updated: May 24

Ableton Live...What a piece of software! If you are familiar with the DAW (Digitial Audio Workstation), you will know there are many to choose from. Pro Tools, Logic, Studio 1, Cubase...Even your iPhone comes pre-loaded with a DAW - hello Garageband!

So what makes Ableton Live better than any of the other DAWs out there? Well, there are quite a few reasons, but the main reasons for me are ease of use, adaptability and community.

I've used all the major DAWs and not one of them felt as intuitive as Ableton Live. The fact there is also a controller available that lets you control every aspect, is an added bonus!

The adaptability of Ableton Live is huge. It can be used in the standard recording studio setup for recording multiple instruments at once and since the latest upgrade to Live 11 it has become even more powerful.

Ableton Live was first created with the stage in mind, it was created for live performance, hence the name - Ableton "Live".

Live is an amazing tool for singer-songwriters, I'm amazed more guitarists haven't pursued this and I definitely want to help spread the word.

The other main reason I love Ableton Live is the community. You are always just a Google search away from finding an answer if you are unsure of something. Live has a huge user community and is growing year on year.

If you're looking for an Ableton Live teacher in Edinburgh, Fife and the East of Scotland, get in touch, I'd love to help! For all of you Glaswegians out there, head over to Subsine Academy and check out what they have on offer, I've done loads of the courses and I can't speak highly enough of them!

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