What do I know...??? Becoming a Music Production Teacher in Fife / Edinburgh.

Updated: May 24

Hi everyone and welcome to the Crombie Point Blog page!

Ok...So here we are, the new website has been launched, I've been spreading the word over Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc and I'm all set up and ready to go in the studio!

So, what do I know about business? What do I know about teaching?

Well, on the business side of things, not so much (yet)! I've never been self-employed before and there is a lot to learn. I'm enjoying the learning experience though. I love learning in general so it suits me.

When it comes to teaching, it's something I naturally gravitate to. I love helping people.

I enjoy seeing people overcome hurdles. I get a buzz from knowing I've helped someone.

I really do feel like I have a lot to give. Teaching is something I've been doing for free for a long time. This has only just become my day job. Like the old saying goes "find a job you'd happily do for free"...well, this is mine!

So if you are looking for a Music Production Teacher in Fife and Edinburgh, let me help!

Head to my Booking page and you'll find all sorts of subjects being covered in the Music world.




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