Learning Synths made easy!!

Updated: May 24

Ableton has just released an update to their amazing Learning Synths web page which helps you learn the fundamentals of synthesis in a really fun and interactive way, and it's completely FREE!

On the site, you'll find a bunch of step-by-step lessons guiding you through the beginnings of synthesis, allowing you to gain a great understanding of all the components of a synthesizer.

This is a superb addition to the Learning Music website which Ableton released in 2019. This offers an introduction to music-making, with an easy to follow set of chapters on how to create beats, basslines, melodies, and much more.

Head over to the Ableton Playground to have a go for yourself!

Want to learn more about Synthesis? Ready to get more hands-on? Get in touch about one of my Ableton Live and Music Production Courses here in Edinburgh and Fife which focus on all levels of Music Production from Beginner to Expert.

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