April 2020

A lot of things are on hold throughout the world at the moment. It is not the normal world as we know it. 

I am lucky that I have plenty of things to keep myself occupied and busy. There is plenty to focus on.

I feel I have written enough new tracks for now, I will release these later in the year. 

I recently recorded a live mashup video - Jamie xx vs Daughter. Head over to the videos page to see that.

For the next few weeks I will be concentrating on reading through the Ableton Live manual and writing up a few learning curriculums for my Music Production courses I am planning to start later in the year.

March 2020

It's a bit of a crazy world out there at the moment with Covid19, there is a lot of uncertainty and panic.

All you can really do is stay as positive as possible and help people who need it.

I've been very productive over the last month and will continue to do so, creativity helps the mind.

I have finished around 9 new tracks this year, some of which will make it onto an EP release later in the year.

In other news, I've been continuing my course at Subsine Academy and have also been doing a bit of teaching myself. This is something I'm going to working a lot on in the coming months and is something I'm very passionate about.

February 2020

I have a few things planned in for this month..

First of all I'll be continuing with the course at Subsine Academy, i'm sure I'll learn a lot from the course and i'll share my experiences over on Instagram.

This month i'll be in the studio with Magnus Collie at Substation Studios, Rosyth. 

This will be the first time I've been into a studio as a solo artist and I'm really looking forward to taking myself out of my comfort zone and learning from Magnus. 

The plan is to record 2 new tracks over the course of a weekend, will let you all know how it goes!

January 2020

This month I have been writing new music. At the moment I have 6 new tracks, some were written on the acoustic guitar, something I've not done for years and it was great to get back to my roots.

I start my 10 week Ableton Live Artist Course at Subsine Academy, Glasgow this month. 

It's all about making the leap from being a music producer to being a proper artist.

Also this month has been all about getting my online presence organised - including building this website through Wix which has been a joy to use so far! 

If you use Instagram give me a follow over there!