Crombie Point Centre of Music Production Rosyth Fife Edinurgh Scotland United Kingdom

 Hi, I'm Craig!

Thanks for dropping by!

Crombie Point Centre of Music Production officially opened in January 2022. I am located just 20 minutes from Edinburgh in Scotland.

The purpose of Crombie Point is to help and inspire as many musicians as possible. It's all about helping you achieve YOUR end goal. 

I enjoy the one-to-one learning setting as it really allows us to focus in on your personal goals and needs. 

Whether you are a complete beginner, someone who already has good knowledge, a guitarist who wants to learn how to record, a band who wants to get more out of their live performance, a drummer who wants to learn about Midi programming, a musician who is curious about the business side of the industry...whoever you are, I believe I can help you get that extra something from your music. Go and check out the COURSES page to see what works for you or give me a CALL.

To learn more about me head over to the PORTFOLIO page.



  • Using Ableton Live DAW since 2011.

  • Experienced in Logic, Pro Tools, Bitwig and Luna recording platforms.

  • Mastering experience using iZotope Ozone.

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Crombie Point Universal Audio Apollo
Ableton Live Edinburgh